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Cache Valley Morning Rotary
PO Box 6121 Logan, Utah 84341
Tuesday Morning(s) 7:30 AM
Logan Regional Hospital
550 East 1400 North
Logan - Classroom 8

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Cache Valley Morning (CVM) Rotary Club 2017 will host its 5th Annual Fall Finish Golf Classic at the Logan River Friday, September 29th.
The tournament is an event for golfers to rub shoulders while helping to end polio and support local charities. There are opportunities for all to win lucky prizes, along with great food for breakfast, on the course and lunch.
"The past 4 years we have had great support for the fundraising event that helps both local and global communities. By raising money to eradicate Polio from the earth each participant at the tournament can be part of history; a solution and change the world together."
Fall Finish -September 15th.
For further information:
RI took the lead in 1979 to
to vaccinate 6 million children in the Philippines. Later in 1985, the WHO and UNICEF joined with rotary and since many other organizations and
governments have come aboard. WHO reports that so far this year there have been reported less than 5 cases of polio worldwide. Polio remains endemic in two countries,
Afghanistan and Pakistan. More
good news continues with type 2 poliovirus officially declared
eradicated worldwide.

CVM Morning Rotary a ‘Grand Impresario’ donor of Utah Festival Opera

Logan, UT: Cache Valley Morning (CVM) Rotary Club announced an exciting extension of its commitment today to support youth development in the Valley with a $5,000 donation to Utah Festival Opera.

“Cache Valley Morning (CVM) Rotary’s donation to Utah Festival Opera (UFO) is an expression of our gratitude to and appreciation for a world-class opera and musical theatre that thrives on what it does both on and off stage,” said CVM Rotary President Mark Lund. “Michael Ballam and his team’s commitment to supporting education and growing local economies is a fine example for Rotarians worldwide who share the same ideals,” he added. “At a time of budget cuts and resource scarcity, we encourage other individuals and civic organizations to contribute in whatever way they can to the sustainability of this great community treasure,” said Trace Skeen, past CVM Rotary President.
“We have never had an organization in Cache Valley show this level of support and generosity,” said Michael Ballam, Founding General Director of UFO. “CVM Rotary’s commitment as a ‘grand impresario’ donor gives us motivation to reach out even farther to discover and celebrate the exceptional theatrical talents of the youth,” he added. UFO has impacted close to 100,000 children and youth in a hands-on one-on-one classroom setting, making UFO’s Opera by Children and High School Musical Theatre the largest educational program of its kind in the arts.

ROTARIANS AT WORK DAY - Saturday, April 29th
SERVICE           FUN           FELLOWSHIP 
ROTARIANS AT WORK DAY happens the last Saturday of April each year.

Rotary C
lubs from around the world identify a hands-on project in their local community that all members can participate in and help our valley.

On Saturday April 29, 2017, you are invited to join 
CVM club members, neighbors and friends to Showcase the Beneficial Impact we will have helping make our community a better place to live. For more details email:

LOGAN UTAH: On July 1st, Trace Skeen, international consultant took the oath to to serve as 2015-2016 Cache Valley Morning (CVM) Rotary Club President. Joining him is president-elect Mark Lund of the Leavitt Group. Skeen expressed gratitude for the outstanding leadership of the prior years administration, led by Jonathan Badger CEO of Lee's Marketplace.  Badger led the morning club in community service projects, fundraising and further development of the club’s youth programs which include international youth exchange, youth leadership, and a youth “Interact” club at Skyview High School.

As past president, Badger will continue to serve on the Board of Directors work in the development of youth programs.  Adam Anderson and Jeff Ballard (Fundraising), Gifford Baugh (Programs), Dennis Briscoe (Service), Mark Lund (Membership), Roger Roundy (Community Relations), Marlene Skinner (Administration), Steve Skinner (International Programs), Brenda Sun (Public Image), and Lacee Wilkey (Treasurer). 

District Governor Glade Hamilton visits
Cache Valley August 18th
 DG Glade Hamilton - FL Vickie and AG Dale
Shares RI President K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran
theme for 2015-2016.

Club members and guests in attendance were rewarded with an uplifting message.
The Governor's wife Vicky spoke on how our lives are always changing and why we need to be like a butterfly and work to make change.
Then Governor Glade shared examples of people who made a difference. Rotary provides the opportunity to give back. It Strengthens our families, Expands our business opportunities and we Grow professionally. Let's use our passion and Be A Gift To the World.
He announced District Conference this rotary year is May 5th through 7th, 2016 in Cedar City.

Family CAR SHOW Saturday June 20th
Cache Valley Morning Rotary and Lee's Marketplace invite one and all to the 5th Annual Family Car Show. There will be 100's of Cars to enjoy and Games and Food for the family. If you haven't brought that beautiful vintage car for all to see, make sure you have your place to show it off to the onlookers who come just to admire your special vehicle.  Things will get started and 11:00 AM and go until 3:00 PM.

Like to Join Our Rotary Club?

The Rotary Club of Cache Valley Morning is aware that more than half the hits on our website  come from Non-Rotarians who apparently see something they'd like to know more about.  Like many Organizations throughout the United States, we are always looking to expand. We love welcoming new members!  
Joining a Rotary Club, anywhere in the world, happens by Invitation.  In other words, you must be invited (sponsored) by someone who is already a member. But, how can we invite you if we don't even know who you are?  ... "Why don't we find people who are curious to learn more about what Rotary is all about, and encourage them to contact one of our club members so we could invite them to one of our Tuesday morning meetings at the Logan Regional Hospital as a guest.  Perhaps you will like the experience and we can move forward from there. It is a wonderful way for potential members to take a "closer look."   
You can "click this link" to learn a bit more about Rotary International... and how it helps build business relationships amongst members worldwide:   
To learn more about Cache Valley Morning Rotary Club specifically, you can contact us at:
or by clicking the "Contact Us" link on right side tab on this Home Page. 

The Power of One

by Ashish Ram


One song can spark a moment... One flower can wake the dream... One tree can start a forest... One bird can herald spring... 

One smile begins a friendship...One handclasp lifts a soul... One star can guide a ship at sea... One word can frame the goal


One vote can change a nation... One sunbeam lights a room... One candle wipes out darkness... One laugh will conquer doom 

One step must start each journey... One word must start each prayer... One hope will raise our spirits... One touch can show you care


One voice can speak with wisdom... One heart can know what's true 
One life can make the difference... You see, it's up to you!


We enjoyed a Family Christmas Party. Our food was catered by Firehouse Pizza.
Ed and Susan Redd had all the children involved and entertained with musical instruments and Christmas songs. The children were thrilled to be participating and learning.
Santa joined us at the end of the evening to hear Christmas hopes and handed out candy canes. Go to the Blog to see more photos.